VRETV is a service that helps
Real Estate Brokers Sell Properties Faster!

VRETV will deliver an integrated, virtual and on-demand
open house streamed over the internet.

How We Do it?
1. We MEET with you at the property location that is for sale.
2. We VIDEO TAPE "you" walking through the property using     the latest digital equipment. This allows you to describe the     property in your own words, as if it were an open house.
3. We EDIT the material in our digital studios.
4. We ENCODE the Video using Microsoft Windows Media     Player or Apple Quicktime, using both low (56k) and High     (200K) speeds.
5. We HOST the encoded material on our servers until the     property sells.

The VRETV Advantage:
1. Video is much more effective than a still image, which is     what we consider the IPIX 360 virtual tour product. Start     Turning Realty into Reality!
2. Our partnership with INOW allows us to leverage their
    Internet experience to deliver the best possible video
    quality to your potential buyers.
3. A large percentage of buyers in the Bay Area have access
    to high speed Internet connections (Cable or DSL), both at
    home and in the workplace.
4. Separate yourself from the other Real Estate agents, and
    begin using the latest technologies available to sell your
    listings, TODAY!!!

For Additional information or to schedule a meeting, please contact our sales group.

56k VersionBroadBand Version

Affordable Internet solutions for business!

Wireless Networking
We partnered with AVAYA to provide wireless networking products.

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